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The IBSUniversity continues to enhance students’ learning by hosting events that bring out talent and leadership values in its students. Student Centered learning has given students the confidence to lead and to be responsible for their own education whilst studying at IBSUniversity.

At IBSUniversity, lecturers and staff alike, empower students to take the lead and offer opportunities where students are able to display their talents which could in time be of great use to the university and the communities they live in.

Through Student Centered Learning, potential is identified and students can perform to the best of their ability. IBSUniversity aims to offer a unique learning experience for its students and it is achieving just that through its students’ events.

In the past month, IBSUniversity has had guest lectures, health check-ups, and sporting events where students all fully participated in to gain knowledge and to enhance their leadership roles.

Training & Development Co-ordinator and ‘Champion for Student Centered Learning’ Ms Rajeswari Bagyalingam is never short of creative ideas for the students and always has an event planned for the students to give them a more relaxed approach to their studies.

“We have just recently had the Health Week to coincide with World Health Day on April 7th and the feedback was very good from the students”, said Ms Bagyalingam.

“And on March 4th was the amazing guest lecture from Mr Kassek Galgal to our IT students, our students are very privileged to have such leaders come speak to them and motivate them in their studies”, added Ms Bagyalingam.

Through these activities, IBSUniversity develops well-rounded students who can best manage their time for studies and social life. This quality is essential anywhere in life and students at IBSUniversity practice that daily.

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