Luke Ambu

“My role in the University Council is firstly to listen to the strategic goals and directions of the council, and where necessary, share or contribute my ideas. Most importantly, I’m here to help the council and management personnel transform and grow our business in line with IBS’ vision and mission.”

Mr Giau Duruba

Giau Duruba has 41 years of experience working in the private sector in PNG. Of this, 22 years was at the executive management level overseeing the human resource functions of two large organisations in PNG.

Dr Ramachandran Arunachalam

Dr Arunachalam (or Dr Ram, as he’s better known) is currently the Vice Chancellor at IBS. His research interests include accounting, finance, banking, marketing and cost audits. 

Sakthipriya Easwaran

Ms Easwaran is currently a senior lecturer in the School of Business and Management and has taught at IBS for over six years. She specialises in teaching marketing and management units for Bachelors courses and marketing training for corporate clients.

Dr Chenniappan Murugesan

An alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, Dr Murugesan has more than two decades of academic and industry experience. He is currently Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic) of IBS and a senior lecturer in the School of Accounting and Finance.