Certificate 4 in Marketing


The Research Centre offers research services and evidence-based insights to private and public organisations for the betterment of PNG. 

Operating since 2015, the centre provides the following research services:

  • SWOT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Sales forecasting and growth analyses
  • Market expansion and feasibility studies
  • Brand development and brand building
  • Channel selection
  • Concept testing
  • Market segmentation

The centre is also able to design and deliver specialised research projects for clients. 

Our clients include commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, microfinance organisations, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, organisations in engineering and manufacturing, mining and petroleum companies, agricultural businesses and many more.

IBS Journal of Business and Research

The centre also publishes the IBS Journal of Business and Research biannually with the aim of featuring scholarship that matters to corporate organisations and interested parties. 

The journal’s key objectives are:

  • To disseminate information about modern business applications and processes
  • To encourage industrialists and academics to publish their research
  • To highlight the latest in business and IT developments
  • To promote a culture of research and publishing at IBSUniversity and in PNG
  • To be a catalyst for business views and academic discourse. 

The journal is a platform for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to publish and discuss research in areas related to:

  • Business, finance and economics
  • Corporate governance
  • Human capital management
  • Information technology
  • Leadership and ethics
  • Management practices