Why outbound training?

We believe that learning in an informal, outdoor setting is the most effective way to help our clients better relate to each other and develop their talents. Participants learn while undertaking a range of physical activities and adventurous tasks which are fun, challenging and designed to bring out their best.

IBS COE offers a five-tier outbound training programme: i) Team Building; ii) Great Managers and Talented Employees; iii) Leadership Challenges; iv) Developing Leaders Around You and v) Working with Emotional Intelligence.


Customer Service Training

Great customer service exceeds the expectations of your customers and helps your business stand out from your competitors.


Working with Emotional Intelligence

In leadership there is a stage where the leaders do not work for themselves, rather they keep motivating their junior counterparts.


Developing Leaders Around You

Invest in your people and build leaders to create the next level of leadership as part of the next level of succession planning


Leadership Challenge

Our Leadership Challenge training program is adventurous in the true sense, in that participants overcome difficult environments.


Great Managers & Talented Employees

Bringing out hidden abilities in managers and leaders through custom-created scenarios using different activities, games and adventure sports.


Team Building

Great teams are at the heart of every good business organisation. 68% of Fortune 500 companies are now operating under the ‘self-managed team’ model.